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Full text of "Minutes of the Twenty-First Annual Session of the Centennial Baptist Association (Ala.) 1896"

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Centennial Baptist Association, 


iVlt. Zion Baptist Church, Bullock County, Ala. 

October 15th and 16th, 1896. 


F. E. TOMPKINS.... , Clerk. 

B. T. ELY Treasurer. 

The next session of the Association will be held with Hardaway 

Baptist Church, Macon County, Ala., commencing on 

Thursday before the third Sunday in October, 1897. 



The Centennial Association convened with Mount Zion church, Bullock 
county, in Twenty-first Annual Session, at 11 o'clock a. m., Thursday, Oct. 
15th, 1896 

The Introductory Sermon was preached by the appointee. Elder A. E. 
Pinckard, text, Matt. 27:46, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" 

Evening Session — 2 O'clock. 

The Association was called to order by the Moderator, George Williams. 

After singing and prayer by Elder M. N. Eley, the letters from the 
churches were handed in and read by Elders A. E. Pinckard and M. P. 
Reynolds, and the names of delegates were enrolled a? follows: 

Aberfoil— W. R. King, J. W. Courson and F. 0. Bickley. 

Fairview — John Foreman and Elder B. Broome. 

Greenwood — W. C. Hufham. C. S. Oi-um and 0. Powell. 

Hardaway — J D. Brooks and M. J. Smith. 

Indian Creek— M. B. Phillips, J. S. Finlayson, T. O. Smith, T. M. Thomas 
and R. E Cope. 

Lofiin — L. W. Barron and C. Brabham. 

Liberty — James Bates, John Powell, Henry Cooper, Tom Waters and M. 
F. McClendon. 

Macedonia — L. A. Mallory, P. F. Roltan and W. A. May. 

Midway — J. P. Downing. 

Mount Carmel — J. E. Jenkins, James Wilson and J. P. Rottan. 

Mount Pleasant — H. W. Griggs, O. Browder and Calvin Griggs. 

Mount Zion— John English, J. H. Cogdell, V. H. Tillery and J. H. Head. 

Perote— E W. Stark, T. B. Miles, J R. McDowell, J. P. Davis and F. B. 

Sardis — Freeman Reese, J. L. Childs and J. F. Martin. 

Union Springs— Elders E W Marshal and M. N. Eley, and George Wil- 
liams, T. M. Gholston, B. T. Eley and J. M. Ellis. 

On motion of Elder B Broome, the Clerk was instructed to cast the ballot 
for the present olficers for re-election, viz: George Williams, Moderator; B. 
T. Eley. Treasurer, aad F. E. Tompkins, Clerk. The vote having been cast, 
they were declared elected. 

The names of Correspondents and Agents were enrolled as follows: 

Cahaba Association — Elder A. R. Hardy, Agent State Board for Greens- 
boro church. 

Eufaula Association — Elder M. P. Reynolds, Agent Howard College; and 
Elder H. R Schramm, Agent Alabama Baptist, Foreign Mission Board and 
Orphans' Home. 

Mulberry Association — T. G. Williams. 

Salem Association — Elders J. M. Lofiin, D. B. Mills, B. P. Floyd and J. 
H. Tillery. 

Mobile Association — Elder J. W. Dossett. 

Troy Association — Elders A. B. Campbell and S. 0. Y. Ray, Agents State 
Mission Board. 

The Moderator appointed T. F. Davis, H. R. Lewis and the pastor and del- 
egates of Mount Zion church a committee on Religious Exercises. 

Hours of meeting and adjourning were adopted as follows: Meet at 9 
o'clock a. m., adjourn at 11 o'clock for preaching; and meet at 2 o'clock p. 
m , and adjourn at pleasure. 

The Executive Committee reported and the report was received. 


The Executive Committee met on the 11th of September to consider an 
application from Fairview church for aid to pay its pastor for services ren- 
dered. Said application asked your committee to recommend that the State 
Board supplement to the amount of fifty dollars. After consultation with 
some of the members of Fairview church, who were present, your commit- 
tee thought it best to lay the application before your body. We herewith 
append said application. M. N. Eley, Ch'n. 

On motion the request from Fairview church was referred to Committee 
on State of the Churches and A'ssociational Field. 

A request from Mount Pleasant church, for seventy-five dollars, was re- 
ferred to same committee. 

At the request of Mount Pleasant church it was granted a letter ©f dismis- 
sion, for the purpose of joining the Troy Association. 

The Committee on State Missions reported, and, after a short discussion, 
further action on report was deferred until 9 o'clock to-morrow. 

Committee on Religious Exercises reported that Elder A. B. Campbell will 
preach at 11 o'clock a. m. to-morrow. 

Saog a hymn, benediction by Elder M. P. Reynolds, and adjourned. 

FRIDAY — Morning Session, 9 o'clock. 

Religious exercises conducted by Elder A. R. Haidy. 

Minutes of yesterday's proceedings were read and adopted 

The Moderator announced the special committees: 

On Finance— F. 0. Bickley, J. H. Coedell and J. D. Brooks. 

On Documents — L. W. Barron, C. S. Orum and J. S. Finlayson. 

On Nominations — M. J. Smith, M. B. Phillips and J. E. Jenkins. 

Auditing Committee — J. P. Downing, C Brabham and A P. Bates. 

At 9:30 o'clock, the hour for discussion of report on S'ate Missions, the 
discussion was resumed by Elder A. R. Hardy. 

A collection was taken for Greensboro church, in cash and pledges, 
amounting to $75 00, as follows: Fairview church, $2.50, pledge; Greenwood 
church, $10.00, pledge; Hardaway church, $5 00, pledge; Indian Cr^-ek 
church, $5.00, cash; Loflin church. $10.00, pledge; Midway church, $5 00 
pledge; Mount Carmel church, $5 00, pledge; Mount Pleasant church, $2 50, 
pledge; Mount Zion church, $10.00, pledge; Perote church, $10 00, pledge; 
Sardis church, $10.00, pledge; total, $75.00. 

It was requested by Elder Hardy that the churches redeem the pledges by 
Jan. 1st, 1897. 

The further discussion of the report was deferred until the afternoon ses- 

Adjourned for preaching. 

Elder A. B. Campbell preached. Text, Phil. 1:27, 'Only let your conver- 
sation be as it becometh the Gospel of Christ." 

Evening Session, 2 O'clock. 

The report on Home Missions was read. 

Ou motion the further discussion of ihe report on Missions was deferred 
until 10 o'clock to-morrow. 
The report on Education was read and discussed. 


Education is essential to success in any of the diversified vocations of 
life. The attorney, who would stand before a jury in defense of his client 
without preparation, would fail in his attempt. The physician who would 
attempt to minister to the relief of the suffering, without a knowledge of 
his profession, would be denounced as a fraud, and po with the teachers 
who could enter the school room, to train the untutortd mind in the 
science of literature and art, without a knowledge of the same himself. 
Then how infinitely more important for the man who would assume the 
highest calling in life, (the teaching of the holy principles and doctrines 

of the religion of our Savior) should be prepared for this sacred duty. The 
AUwise Creator has never placed on this earth a human being for whom 
he had no use, man was created for God's glory and service, while all men 
are not intended to act in the same sphere, the humblest duty is impor- 
tant in its place, the man who fails to render his Creator some service fails 
to meet the demands of his creation, and will fail to reap the reward of a 
servantin the world to come. In our late civil war all men of a certain 
age were required to enter the actual service of the army, and those who 
were unwilling to do so, were allowed a substitute. So it is in the great 
spiritual crusade against sin, a great many members of ihe'church refuse to 
assume the public service of the church, these may be excused by paying 
liberally to educate some one who is willing to do so, it is equally as un- 
reasonable to expect a man to perform our daily duties in life as to perform 
our spiritual duties without remuneration. We have a great many young 
men who possess all the elements of manhood, but for the want of educa- 
tion and poliah, are like the sparkling diamond, which lies buried in ob- 
scurity, fails to reflect its beauty and brightness until it is burnished and 
polished for use, it may then make its way into the glittering constellation 
of a royal crown. So many a young man with brilliant intellect, lost in 
obscurity, by education might be made to stand out like a beacon light to 
point the weary wanderer home. We have at least one caseia pointfamiliar 
to us all, in the person of our Inieimmortal Renfroe, who at the age of 21 
was unacquainted with letters but after being educated by the church took 
his position among the towering intellfcts of Alabama, and thongh his 
voice has been hushed in the slumbers of death, his influence will sweep on 
down the corridors of time, till it breaks on the shores of eternity, which 
alone can reveal it in all its vast magnitude. The harvest is plenteous, but 
the laborers are few. Let us then send more laborers into the field, by 
sending our young men to Howard College, and to the Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary at Louisville, Ky., institutions that command our 
support, on account of their eflSciency and their influence in equipping 
young men for the work to which God has called them. 
Respectfully submitted, 

T. B. Milks, Ch'n. 

The following amounts were pledged for Howard College: Mount Carmel 
church, $5.00; Macedonia church, $2.50, and E. W. Starke, $5.00. 

The report was then adopted. 

On motion the churches of this Association were requested to pay $100.00 
to the support of the evangelistic work of the State Board. 

The Clerk was instructed to apportion that amount to the churches in 
proportion to membership. Apportionment as follows: Aberfoil, $280; 
Fairview, $3.90; Greenwood, $4.80; Hardaway, $5.30; Indian Creek, $9 70; 
Loflin. $6 00; Libertv, $6 30; Macedonia. $5 40; Midwav, $4.80; Mount Car- 
mel, $7 10; Mount Zion, $11.20; Perote, $4 60; Sardis, $3.20; Union Springs, 
$24.90. Total, $100.00. 

The Committee on Religions Exercises reported that Elder B. Broome, the 
appointee, will preach the Doctrinal Sermon at 11 o'clock to-morrow, and 
that Elder E. W. Marshal will preach the Missionary Sermon at 11 o'clock 

The report on Foreign Missions was read, and Elder H. R. Schramm, who 
expected to leave, was allowed the floor, after which the body adjourned. 

SATURDAY— 9 o'clock a. m. 

Religious exercises were conducted by Elder A. E. Pinckard. 
Minutes of yesterday's proceedings were read and adopted. 
The reports on Foreign, Home and State Missions were adopted. 


Christians Mission is work among those who are destitute of the religion 
of Jesus Christ. Foreign Missions is such work in foreign lands. The for- 
eign lands that Southern Baptists are working in, are divided ito pagan and 


papal, the pagan lands are Japan, China and Africa, the papal are Italy, 
Mexico, Brazil and Cuba. All of which are under one Foreign Mission 
Board, located at Richmond, Va., except Cuba. In these various fields 
there are about 90 missionaries and 70 native helpers During last year 
these missionaries baptized over 700 converts. The outlook is brieht, but 
funds a'-e scar ne. We can not only not send out more missionaries, but 
will have lo recall some who are on the field unless help comes speedily. 
The debt of orr Foreign Board in May was over $30,000 00 and though great 
efforts have been made since, the debt continues lo grow. Our people bave 
the money, meh and women want to go, the heathen are dying, our orders 
are to go make disciples of the nations. Mny God help us to rise to a sente of 
our obligation to God and to the perishing of earlh, and no longer to them 
"the lamp of life deny." We recommend: First, that pastors preach on mis- 
sions; second, that regular collections be taken for the same; third, 
that the pastors take, and urge their members to take Foreign Mission 
Journals. W. R. Cogdell, Ch'n. 


Bko. Moderator: We, your committee on Home Missions, beg to report: 
Every Baptist in this God-favored land of ours should be interested in Home 
Missions. If the gospel is to be preached indifferent parts of our own 
South land, which are destitute, then God expec;s the Baptists of the 
South to take part, at least in this great wort. Real patriotism should 
burn in every Baptist's heart in Alabama, and other S')Uthern States, atid 
this should fill us with z»al in the work of evangelizing our own God- 
favored country. Texas alone could use hundreds of thousands of dollars 
within her own bounds. Some one recently said that until last year there 
was only one Bohemian convert in Texas, now there are 400,000 of them in 
that State alone. If Bohemians are so exceedingly zealous about their 
doctrines, what should Baptists, who hold to the pure, simple gispel of 
Christ, do towards spreading the glad tidings of great joy? Brethren, now 
is the important time for us! Texas alone could employ at least fifty mis- 
sionaries and leave some territory unoccupied. We find from a recent state- 
ment from Dr. I. T. Tichenor, Secretary of our Home Board, that thty had 
in the field last year 411 missionaries, who preached 53,000 sermons, and 
baptized 5,617 converts, organ izf^d 372 Sunday Schools, compostd of 12,635 
teachers and pupils. The glorious work Bro. A.J. Diaz and others are 
doing in Cuba should not only attract our attention, but shouid fill us with 
thankfulness to God. We regret that the work there is suspended for awhile 
because of the war between Cuba and Spain. J. E. Jenkins. 


The State Board of Missions is composed of twenty members, who reside 
in the towns of Montgomery, Selma, Dothan, Talladega, Columbia, Bir- 
mingham, Opelika, Jackson, Benton, Clayton, Troy, Mobile and Huntsville. 
Thus all parts of the State are represented, excepting the southwest and 
northeast. The members of the Board serve without pay. The corres- 
ponding secretary and the hook keeptr are paid. The headquarters of the 
Board are at Montgomery. The Board has charge of all our State Mission, 
Colportage and Benevolent work, and the duty is laid upon it of making 
coUectionsfor Ministerial Education and for Home and Foreign Mitsion.-. 
The Board can do little without the co-operation of pastors and people. 
If the Baptists of the State withhold their raonev and sympathy, the 
Board is powerlessand also useless. Our State Mission work is not in good 
condition. Thereason is that a large number of Baptists individually, and 
churchesand associations as organized bodies, have in great measure ceased 
to contribute to and co-operate with the Board in the work it was appointed 
to do. Perhaps it would not be profitable for this report to discuss the 
causes of the withdrawal of support from the Board. That belongs to the 
past. The fact is, that the cause of Christ as represented by Baptists is lan- 
guishing throughout the State; and as the State Board of Missions is an 
important and necessary agency through which we do the Master's work, 
our duty is to come to its assistance. We shouid at once begin to do what 

we can to restore the condition of former days, when the voices of evan- 
gelists of tlie State Board were heard within the bounds of a large number 
of the Associa'iois throughout the Slate. Less than ten years ago (here 
was harmony and co-operation among us. Evangelist and missionary pas- 
tors preached the gospul in the weak churches and destitute places of the 
Statu, trie Colporter went from housi- to house with a supply of Bibles and 
other good books, and our prosperity in the Lord's work attracted attention 
in other States. But a change came over us. An evil spirit had come among 
us, one after another churches and associations withdrew from the work 
with the Board, and most of them ceased to do any mission work at all. 
Thus it came to pass that new churches that had been organized were left 
without a nursing mother, and died of starvation in their infancy, old 
churches, that had become weak by death and removals, were left to die of 
weakness; and the destitute places were covered again with briars and bram- 
bles; only here and there an Association employed a missionary, and often 
for only a part of his time. Young preachers without education or money 
have asked for help in equipping themselves for fthcient tervice to the 
Master The Board encouraged many of the aa to attend school and became 
responsible for the expense, relying on the brethren to pay it. But the 
brethren did not pay, and the Board found itself in debt for Ministerial 
Education. It isalso in debt in other departments. The Board has now 
only two evangelists. Rev A. E. Burns in a part of North Alabama; and 
Rev. S. O. Y. Ray is at work in S>)uth and Southeast Alabama. The 
State Convention authorized the B^ard to appoint others, but it has not felt 
assured that they would be supported. At least four more evangelists are 
needed. It would be peculiarly appropriate for the Centennial Association 
to begin the revival of interest and co-operation in the work of the State 
Board. Let the revival song be raised here, in the hope that it will be taken 
up by another and another of our Associations, until the Baptists of the 
State shall again rally around the agency which they have apppointed to 
lead them in the work of missions. The Board reported to the Conven- 
tion last year that it had forty-two Wien employed, fourteen of whom were 
missionary colporters. E. A. Brooks. 

The report on Religious Literature was read, discussed and adopted: 


We, your committee on Religious Literature, beg leave to make the fol- 
lowing report: In this day we cannot begin to estimate the power of the 
press in shaping the minds and lives of our people. This is a power that can 
be used effectively in advancing the various interests fostered by our denom- 
ination, and we can rest assured that the children of our land are going to 
read literature of some kind, and it is important that we should place in 
their han-'s such subject matter as will have a good influence upon them. 
We deem it especially important that the Alabama Baptist and the Foreign 
Mission Journal should be in every Baptist home within the bounds of 
our Association in order that our people may know more about the work 
in which we are engaged aid thus becotne more interested in the same. 
And we wish further to commend to the Sunday Schools of our various 
churches the literature of the Sunday School Board of our Southern Bap- 
tist Convention at Nashville, Tenn., J. M. Frost, Cor. Sec'y. 

Respectfully submitted, E. W. Marshall, Ch'n. 

The following resolution was adopted: ^ 

Whereas, in ihe report on education, the Jadson was unintentionally 

And, whereas, its high standingas an institution for the e iucation of 
young ladies commends it especially to the Baptists of Alabama; 

And, whereas, God in his providence has removed from it its honored 
President, Dr. Averett; therefore, be it 

Resolved 1. That »ve sympathize with the Judson in the death of Dr. 
Averett, and pray that God will bless and guide its officers in the selection 
of his successor. 

2. That we corumend the Judson to the Baptists in our bounds as in 
every respect worthy of their patronage and support. E W. Marshall. 

The committee on Religious Exerci-^es reported that Elder 8 0. Y. Ray 
will preach under the arbor and that Elder B. Broome will preach in the 
house at 11 o'clock to-day. 

Committee on Deceased, Aged and Infirm Ministers and Tbeir Families 
reported, and report was re-committed. 

The report on' Sunday Schools was read, discussed and adopted: 


We, your comonittee on Sunday Schools, beg to report as follows: We 
find only a few of our churches keep up a Sunday School. We are sorry 
that so few have Sunday Schools, but we note the fact that some which 
reported the greatest number of accessions are those that have Sunday 
Schools. This feature of church work has grown to great proportions and 
it is a great factor in evangelizing the masses. "Faith comes by hearing 
and hearing by the word of God." God's word enlightens the understand- 
ing and the spirit thus illuminates the soul So th^n, we earnestly insist 
that each church in the Centennial Association keep up a Sunday School — 
let the churches work in this way to advance God's kingdom of grace. We 
also insist that each church report to the Association at each session the 
statistics in regard to their schools. J. H. Cogdell, Ch'n. 

The report on Orphans' Home was read, discussed and adopted: 


The Baptist Orphana'^e was permanently located at Evergreen two years 
ago last November, and the property purchased at a cost of five thousand 
dollars. The debt has all been paid, and this valuable property is now free 
from encumbrance. It consists of eighty acres of land lying on Main street, 
of which thirty acres are in farm, thirty in woods and twenty in pasture. 
All has been enclosed with substantial woven wire fence, and a com- 
modious barn has been arranged. In this Home has been received 29 boys 
and 31 girls, and out of it have gone by adoption 8 boys and 11 girls ; by 
apprenticeship, 2 boys. We do not apprentice girls, and only apprentice 
boys in exceptional cases. The children attend the Agricultural School, 
and most of them are doing well. They all attend Sunday School and 
church, and are under firm, steady, loving control in the Orphanage. Eight 
of them have been baptized. They have more applications to take children 
than they can approve for want of room. They are in pressing need of a cook 
room, a laundry room, a dining room, and since the terrible scourge of 
measles through which they have just passed we find that they greatly need 
a sick room. Will not the friends of the institution provide the means for 
the addition of these much needed appliances? Brethren, shall we under- 
take to make these much needed additions? 

Respectfully submitted, 


J. L. Bkooks, Chairman. 

Treasurer's report was read and referred to auditing committee. Ad- 
journed for preaching. 

Elder B. Broome preached in the house. Text, Eph. 1:4,5. Elder 8. O. 
Y.Ray preached under the arbor. Text, 1st Cor. 15:29. 

• Evening Session, 2 O'clock. 

Sang a hymn, after which the body proceeded to the transaction of busi- 

The report on State of the Churches and Associational Field was read 
and adopted. 


Your committee on State of the Churches and Associational Field, make 
the following report: The spirit of the Lord has been manifested in the 

churches daring the year with some power, in performing his office work of 
convicting and converting sinners to Christ, and of building up the churches 
in a holier faith and more godly practice of living. We find that some 
churches are supporting their pastor only partly, and some are asking aid 
from this Association to help pay their pastor; we find some of these 
■churches only paying their pastor about thirty-five cents per member, we 
find two churches asking for help, but doing very little to the support of 
their pastor. We have 15 churches m our Association who pay in the aggre- 
gate for Home, Foreign and State Missions a very small amount, find only 
a few churchea with Sunday School and prayer meeting. Owing to our 
limited time to make a full report of different institutions who receive our 
contribution, we can say that our churches are not what they should be 
in paying both for pastor's salary and mission purpo3es. 

Respectfully submitted, W C. Hufham, Ch'n. 

The report on Deceased, Aged and Infirm Ministers and their families 
was re read and adopted. 


Your committee on Deceased, Aged and Infirm Ministers and their Fam- 
ilies report as follows: We have lost by death Elder G. W. Dalby. We 
have been informed that o»raged brother. Elder Chas. Crawley, is in need 
of aid. We recommend that the churches of the Association be requested 
to collect some funds for him and send them to him immediately. 

J. P. Downing, 
J. L. Childs, 
J. F. Martin, 

The report on Temperance was read, discussed and adopted. 

Temperance is of Bible origin. The Scriptures say be ye temperate in all 
things. Bo it is wrong to eat too Tnuch, to sleep too much, to work too' 
much, to read too much, and to drink too much such as coffee, tea, milk and 
water, but the greatest evil in our land is caused by tbe drinking of liquor. 
Therefore the report should be on the abstinence from drinking liquor. 

The moderate drinker is the curse of the land, as well as of the church, 
when a man takes one drink he is that much drunk, and each additional 
drink makes him drunker. No church members ought to use liquor as a 
beverage; and if they do the church ought to withdraw fellowship from 
them, for it is offensive to some of the members; and Paul says, if eating 
meat cause my brother to offend, I will eat no more meat while the world 
stands. So this member who drinks liquor is in disorder and ttie Bible says, 
withdraw from those who walk disorderly, so no church is doing her Christ- 
ian duty to retain a drinker of liquor, as a beverage, in her membership. 
For a person need not join the church in order to get to drink ; he can drink 
in the world. The drink evil is increasing in its magnitude. The statistics 
of the last report given on the liquoi traffic (and all were not given) were two 
billion two hundred million dollars, besides the domestic wines and cider, 
this is the amount of money spent. But dollars and cents can't measure 
this great evil. Look at tlie virtue that has been taken, the reputations 
that have been injured, the honesty that has been marred, the lives that have 
been blighted, the homes that have been saddened, the constitutions that 
have been wrecked, the orphans that have been made, the wives that have 
been robbed of their husbands, the poor houses that have been built, the 
penitentiaries and jails that have been opened, the criminal courts that have 
been held, and the greatest evil of all, ttie souls that have been eternally lost 
by this drink evil. 

Are these not enough facts to convince any Christian that it should be ex- 
terminated from our land. Let us all pray that God will remove this evil 
from our land. Domestic distilling in our homes is a great evil. 

C. W. Sellers, Ch'n. 

The report on Documents was read and amended, by referring the request 
of Mount Pleasant church for aid to the Executive Committee. 


We your Committer on Documents find Fairview church has asked for 
aid from your body for the support of their pastor for the past year. We 
recommend the application be referred back to your Executive Committee. 
We also find that Moun' Pleasant has asked for aid, but has failed to nom- . 
ply with the rules adopted by your body in 1893. We also find that Mace- 
donia church has asked a query: What steps shall be taken with members 
failing to pay their pastor? We recommend the same to your body for dis- 
cussion. Respectfully submitted, 

L. W. Barron, 


C. 8. Orum, 

The report on Nominations was read and adopted. 


Your committee on Nominations beg leave to report the following: 

1. We recommend that the next session of this body beheld with Harda- 
way church, Macon County, commencing on Thursday before the 3rd Sun- 
day in October, 1897. 

2. That Elder E. W. Marsha'l preach the introductory sermon. 

3. That Elder A. E. Pinckard preach the doctrinal sermon. 

4. That Elder E. W. Marshall be the delegate to the Southern Baptist 
Convention, Elder B. Broome alternate 

5. That J. P. Martin, W. C.Hufbam, Geo. Williams, J. H. Cogdell, Elder 
J. A. Jenkins, Jas. Jones. G. J. Pierce, E. A. Brooks, J. T. Davis and W. R. 
King be the delegates to the Baptist State Convention. 

M . J. Smith, 
M. B. Phillips, 
J. E. Jenkins. 

On motion. Elder S. 0. Y. Ray was requested to preach the Missionary Ser- 
mon at the next session of the body. 

On motion, the Clerk was instructed to cast the ballot for the present Exe- 
cutive Committee for re-election. The bullot having been cast they were de- 
clared elected as follows: Elders M. N. Eley and E W. Marshall and F. 0. 
Bickley, T. M. Gholston, W. A. Powell and J. E. Jenkins. 
Correspondents were returned as follows: 
Eufaula Association — W. A. Mallory. 

Any member of this body, who should visit any other Association was 
authorized to represent this Association. 

On motion, E'der M. N. Eley, Geo. Williams and J. M. EUi^ requested to 
prepare suitable resolutions in regard to the death of Elder G. VV. Dalby, 
and send them to the Clerk for publication in the minutes, 


Whereas, It has pleased our Heavenly Father to remove from our number 
our beloved brother. Rev. G. W. Dalby, since our last Association; 

Therefore, Resolved, That the Centennial Association has lost an able 
counsellor ; the churches a noble pattern of Christianity ; the ministry a 
deeply pious and consecrated minister. 

2. That we, as an association, extend to the bereaved family our sincere 

3. That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes, and copy of the 
same be sent to the family. 

M. N. Ely, 
George Williams, 
J. M. Ellis, 


Resolution of thanks adopted as follows: 

Resolved, That the thanks of this body be tendered to the members of this 
church and community for the hospitality extended to it during the session. 

The Moderator requested Elder J. W. Dossett to deliver a Sunday School 
address to-morrow at 10 o'clock a. m. 

Elder S. O. Y. Ray, at the request of the Moderator, addressed the body on 
the query sent up from Macedonia church, viz: Whaf steps should a church 
take with members whi fail to pay tbeir pastor? 

The Moderator announced the Standing Committees as follows : 

On Foreign Missions— J. P. Downing, W. A. Powell and T. F. Davis. 

On Home Missions— A. W. Beverley, D. A. Caylor and J. E. Chance. 

On State Missions— J. L. Childs, L. W. Barron and Jno. Foreman. 

On Education- Elder E. W. Marshall, J. D. Brooks and F. 0. Bickley. 

On Religious Literature— Elder B. Broome, W. A, May and Rob't West. 

On Deceased, Aged and Infirm Ministers and their Families — W. C. Huf- 
ham, A. C. Davis and W. A. Martin. 

On Sunday Schools— B. T. Eley, E. A. Brooks and J. 8. Finlayson. 

On State of the Churches and Associational Field— J. E. Jenkins, Jas. 
Bates, 8r., and C. S. Orum. 

On Temperance— T. B. Miles. T. M. Gholston and W. P. Cart^-r. 

On Orphans' Home— W. R. Cogdell, L. A. Mai lory and C. B. Kennon. 

The meeting of the Western District of this Association will b« held with 
Mt. Carmel church ; and the meeting of the Eastern with Indian Creek 
church. The times and programmes to be arranged by those churches. 

The report on Finance was read and referred to Auditing Committee 

On motion, the Treasurer was instructed to pay the Clerk tea dollars for 
his services. 


We have carefully examined the Finance and Treasurer's report and rec- 
ommend that they be received. J. P. Downing, Chairman. 

B. T. Eley, Treasurer, In account wim Centennial Association. 

1895. . Dr. 

Oct. 16. To balance as per last report $ 2 86 

20. To am't from Finance Committee 105 80 


Oct. 19. By am't paid F. B. Tompkins, Clerk— V. 1 10 00 

Orphans' Home— V. 2 4 90 

Foreign Missions— V. 3 18 37 

Home Missions — V. 3 14 52 

State Missions— V. 3 41 45 

Dec. 4. Minutes of Association — V. 4 13 80 

By balance 5 62 

$108 66— $108 66 


Oct. 15. To balance on hand $ 5 62 

Above I hand you my Ninth Annual report of all monies received and 
disbursed by me since last report. 

Respectfully submitted, B. T. Eley, 

To Centennial Association, Treas'r Centennial Ass'n. 

Assembled at Mt. Zion Church, 

Bullock County, Ala. 
After benediction by Elder E. W. Marshall the body adjourned, to meet 
with Hardaway church, Macon county, on Thursday before the third Sun- 
day in October, 1897. Geo. Williams, Moderator. 
F. E Tompkins, Clerk. 
Elder M. N. EUy preached under th^ arbor Saturday evening. Text, 104th 
Ps. 34th V. Elder E. W. Marshall preached the Missionary Sermon, Sunday, 
11 o'clock A. M. Text, 2d Cor 8 : 7. Elder Dossett also preached at 11 
o'clock on Sundav under the arbor. 


M. N. Eley — Union Springs. 

J. O. Hixson — Union Springs. 

E. W. Marshall — Union Springs. 

Charles Crawley — Indian. 

H. W. Griggs — Linwood. 

B. Broome — Pickett 

J. A. Jenkins — Mt. Hilliard (at the Howard.) 

Va^ie of Property 

! ; ; i ; M : ! i ; i M° 


From S. S. for Diaz- 

i 1 i M M ! ; i 1 i 1 l« i M 

f^ •.:•.:■•.:''•.•.•.: : : : : 

From S. S. for How- 
ard College 

;::::::::;:•: :oo :: : 

; I I I • • • I ; I ; • ; |<N • • • 

a* :::::;:::::• •'^ •: : 


From S. S. for Missions 

«i : ! i 1 i 1 : • i i i i :^ 1 : : 



Women's, Young Peo- 
ple's & Children's So. 
lor Or. Home— Vch'r 


M M§ i ; M ! M i i 


S 1 50 

2 25 

23 30 
1 25 

24 20 
6 65 

15 00 
6 50 
8 00 

19 48 
6 20 

3 25 

16 10 

17 50 
1809 31 



Home Expenses- 
Sunday Schools 

i i iS 1 ; i i ! M 1 i 1 

1 • -o • ; I 1 J 1 : 1 1 1 

oi : ; ::::::■:: 



Home Expenses— Re- 
pairs, Fuel, the Poor, 

• • 'o •••::•:: . o : • • 

M ^" ; ; i N : M i ;s M ; 

s& ■ ■ : : • . : • ■ • : 



Pastor's Salary 

il \^ \\ : I ■ ] ■ \\ :° \ \\ 

• 'Oi ::•:••••■ -o ': ■ 

: • r : i : : : M r i° P • 



oooiooooo :ooo o 

.HiHtNtH r-l ;r-lrHrH ; 




Orphans' Home- 

: . . . . -icooo • •lo •if3 ■ 

; ; ; 1 ; : <£> O O O • • «3 • Oi ; ; 

; . ■. ■ '. • «i m oo O ; ■ ■>*< • O _ _ 1 

«©■■■: ■! ■ • : ■ 

Orphans' Home- 

99 ::::•::: r ::: • 

jeo j 



Greensboro Church 
Building— Voucher .. 

td '. '■ ' r ::•:::: : 



Howard College Build- 

■ :o :o • : : : : :o :oo : : : 
• ;0 :o ; ; : ; : : jo ;io : 1 : 



Indigent Min.— V'chr. 

:::: rio ::::::: : 
: • • ; :o ; : : : ; : ; : 


Associational Pur- 

S^ 1 ;° 1 ! 1 1 M 1 1 i 

rH :;"*::::::::; 
«^ ': '■ ::::::•:: 


Foreign Missions- 

: : : : j I : j : jg -S :S i : : 
. • • I • I I • ; .iM \n jo ; I : 


Foreign Missions- 

<d ; : : t : - : : 



Home Mis.— Voucher. 

::: :::::::::::!>>:: : 
::::::::::*:: :<^ : : : 
:!!:::::;:::: :"* : : : 



Home Missions— Cash . 

• oo • : :o : :o • •o 
mo : : ]<£> • ;0 : : ;o 

■ eo 1 • jco 1 |<N • • ;m 

«» r : r : : ! : " 



State Missions- 

8i 881 
08 8 

88 I 
08 8 


State Missions— Cash . . 

• oo :oom : :o -m :o tmtoo 
:mo joecto : jo Jc~ jo jc^m-c- 

: ■»>" :m(Mm • ;(M ;r1 ;I> • i-HXO 








Indian Creek 





Mt. Carmel 

Mt. Pleasant 

Mt. Zion 


Sardis . 


B- - 

.'22 a 




I— I 


I— I 






I— I 

I— I 



Reports Revival. 

Repo'ts Prayer Me'tiag 

Preaching Sabbaths.... 

Sunday School Pupils 

Sunday School Officers 
and Teachers 

Present Membership 

By Death. 

By Erasure 

By Exclusion. 

By Letter . 

By Restoration., 

By Voucher , 

By Letter. 

By Baptism. 

Membership last 


Si r; 0-! 

W a ., 

.S a) o I 


3 o 2 

00 ai 00 CO I> O CO C0^05(NOC^H> 
C^ CO Tjl Ut) Oi U3 y3 .^ t^ TT r-t -^ CO C^ 

CO -i-l^ i-H 


: : : : r 

;<OC0 . JO I <N 

•CO -H ..Ir-lOO 

■ CO'^CO • OlC 

• c<i :>-im-a< 


c3 aj O 

« <:;« ca^ S o o o I 

*="=< .^ 

^."0 -^^ _ „ 

S :c2.S.S.2§oS5 

pq Spqeum SmoHpq 

: :o>.2 
0.4; ^ 5 «